Sunday, June 21, 2020

Small Shallow Groups

I saw a skit a while ago that mentioned Small Shallow Groups (as opposed to Adult Bible Fellowships, which are meant to have a small group go deep in a topic together) and that inspired this comic. To take this into the business realm, how would you answer the question when posited during an interview? Now I kinda want to ask it in my next interview. They usually ask about strengths and weaknesses, and I guess stating your greatest strength is kinda like stating your biggest security. 
On the topic of icebreakers, my amazing husband and I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the tv show) on Netflix and we like it. Why is this related to icebreakers? Well, in the first episode, there is ice and it breaks and people meet due to that. I like a good visual pun. 

Facilitator: In our Small Shallow Group, we like to start with an icebreaker. Today's is - what is your biggest security?
A: My looks
B: My job
C: My car
D: My charm

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