Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tracking Shoes

I saw an ad a while ago that was for sneakers that had a tracker in them for this purpose (the exercise purpose, not the criminal one) and I thought this up right away. It basically is an ankle bracelet that tells people where you are. I have thought about getting a bracelet that does some tracking but then I think, do I really want to be tracked? But there are nice features like the health things, tracking your heart rate and sleep patterns and such. And also, I have a smart phone so it's tracking me anyways. But it's good to think about security - should you be posting when you're out and about? Probably it's fine, provided you know where you're sharing it (just friends, not randos on the internet). But I'm not comfortable with a tracking shoe. To each their own?

Jogger: My new TRAQ shoes keep track of my steps and logs where I've been!
Criminal: Cool, I am probably getting an ankle bracelet that does the same thing.

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