Sunday, June 7, 2020

Personal Wheel Invention

Happy Birthday to my niece!
So I did learn some Greek in high school and yes I went to a Christian school and yes it was to get a deeper knowledge of the Bible and yes, I do think it is kinda helpful. But translations are super helpful, just do your research to ensure it's a good translation. And you can use tools like Strong's Concordance and the BlueLetterBible to help you gain insight into individual words.
Also in high school, I took a missions trip (unconnected to my high school) to Greece (during the 2004 Olympics there which was AWESOME) so I did learn some modern Greek for that so I could say hello and thank you.

M: Why did you learn Greek in your Christian high school?
L: Duh, so we can read the Bible.
M: But... translations?
M: ... ok?

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