Thursday, February 25, 2021

Birdy Names for Children

Some birds are allowed as human names, others.... not so much

This comic is related to one from earlier. It is probably becoming more clear, but yes my favorite bird is the Emu. Why? It's just one of those odd animals and I think they're cool. We saw the emu getting fed at a zoo once and the zookeeper was like 'eat your greens!' because the emu were just picking through their feed bins to get the apple pieces and throwing the salad leaves on the ground. Kinda reminded me of that scene from Napoleon Dynamite where he's feeding Tina the llama. 
The plural of emu is either emus or emu, both are accepted.
Also, have you heard of the Great Emu War?! How many bird breeds can say they won a war again human aggressors? Well, many birds died but the thing is the military gave up on trying to cull the herds. Also the bounty system put in place actually had people breeding emu to collect the bounty instead of hunting wild emu like intended, so there was that. 
One final thought on emu, some people keep them as livestock, like chickens or ducks! That's an adventurous backyard poultry project. But their eggs weigh a pound! And are very pretty. Good Mythical Morning did a segment on exotic eggs and yes, you can hard boil an emu egg. 

Explanation: It is implied that the name would be one from the comic linked above, namely (hah) Robin or Jay or Wren, whereas of course the name is Emu because Emus are awesome. 

D: Do you have a name picked out for your little one?
L: Yep, we're naming our kid after my favorite bird.
D: How sweet!
L: Little Emu is gonna do great things.

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