Thursday, February 4, 2021

Carnivorous Dessert

 Mousse is tasty

Mousse looks like 'mouse' but sounds like 'moose' so that's just confusing. I don't remember when I thought up this pun but I'm probably not the first person to do so. I think I have a similar comic from a while ago (thought up at my previous job) - let me look for it. Here it is! When I was last in CT, my grandmother made an amazing chocolate mousse and it was so tasty (but everything she makes is tasty). I didn't eat all of my serving because I realized even with a dairy pill, it was still loaded with lactose and I didn't want to get ill right before my return trip home. But it was super tasty. 

L: What is a carnivore's favorite dessert?
M: Do they even eat dessert?

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