Sunday, February 21, 2021

Names Starting with E


One of these names is not like the others

One of these names is not like the others :) I couldn't resist adding my favorite bird into the lineup. 
My friend's due date is today and she has already shared the name of her kiddo so is not in need of any suggestions but I figured it wouldn't hurt to do another short series on names. 

To explain the comic, the first person has a picture of her children (3 kids and a dog). The second person thinks Emu is the dog since it's not a normal human name while the others are. The first person corrects the misinterpretation by saying Emmett is the dog, which means her kids are named Ella, Emma, and Emu. 

A: Here's a picture of my children - Ella, Emma, Emu, and Emmett. 
B: WHAT?! Oh, three kids and a dog, nice.
A: Yeah, Emmett's a good dog. 

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