Thursday, February 18, 2021

Sam With the Green Eggs

Not every Sam will offer you green eggs and ham

 Many kids like Doctor Seuss and also many kids make unexpected connections. I have happy memories of reading Dr. Seuss books as a kid and also memorizing at least one for a Reader's Theatre (I wasn't doing the performing - my sister was - but I had to sit through all the rehearsals and ended up memorizing all their parts). And there's a game that would be played at my church's VBS called 'Cat in the Hat' which was kind of like musical chairs but instead of music, the leader would read the book 'The Cat in the Hat' and when certain words were said, kids would have to move and a chair would be removed. But helping with that game enough times got me to memorize at least the beginning of that book. 

A: And this is Uncle Lucas' friend Sam.
S: Hi!
E: I don't want green eggs.

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