Tuesday, February 16, 2021

CoVid Screening for Telehealth Visit

Viruses can be computer transmitted

 I have to complete a CoVid screening before any in-person doctor appointments and it's just a short questionnaire about do I have it, am I waiting to know if I have it, do I live with someone who has it, etc... But I was going for a telehealth visit and it said I needed to fill out a questionnaire and I thought up this comic because that'd just be ridiculous but the questionnaire was actually about my health and family health pertaining to the visit so it was not ridiculous. But I still made a comic about my first impression. Also my doctor couldn't figure out the telehealth system so he ended up just calling me which worked fine because it was a consult and you can do that over the phone, no extra technology needed. 

L: I have a virtual visit with my doctor today.
M: Have you completed the CoVid screening?
L: Right, because computers can transmit viruses. 

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