Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Little Bird Gossip

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HAPPY 2'S DAY!!!! Yep, it's 2/22/22 and Tuesday. How nice for that to line up.

I don't recall what prompted this one, probably I heard the phrase "a little birdie told me" or maybe I read that passage in the Bible that mentions it. I thought about drawing the birds as stick figures, but honestly I don't know how to do that unless they are little m's in the sky and that doesn't really work with this dialog.

The phrase means you aren't going to tell who your source is when sharing a bit of information, as if a little bird dropped down and gave you some info. Which sounds like something from the song "Do you hear what I hear" - is one of the characters in that telephone chain a bird? Night wind, little lamb, shepherd boy, mighty king, people everywhere - nope, no birds.   

Title: "A little birdie told me"
Raven: What's up, little bird?
Bluebird: I have all the gossip.

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