Thursday, February 17, 2022

Sneeze Coaching

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 Yes, this is a play on Captain Marvel's catchphrase "Higher, Further, Faster" from Marvel's movie about the heroine (not to be confused with DC's character Captain Marvel who now goes by Shazam and also recently had a movie).
I have a surprisingly loud sneeze that I inherited from my grandmother, and I hope to pass it on to my daughter hence the coaching. I have been told it can raise the dead, and I am wondering if there is a superhero that can do that (raise the dead by sneezing loudly). I have looked into superheroes a little and what I found is that there is a hero or villain for every random thing you can think of. Laser from your forehead? Unicorn. Polka Dot fanatic? Polka-Dot Man (who doesn't even actually have polka dots because his spots are different sizes but that's semantics apparently). Oh wow, there is the Sneezemaster from Darkwing Duck, who has a super powerful sneeze but no raising the dead abilities. Maybe I'll fall down this rabbit hole again and add more to the list here.

L1: Bigger, Stronger, Louder!

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