Thursday, February 24, 2022

Parenthood with Teeth

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So our child is starting to walk (might be walking by the time this posts, who knows!) and she has a bad habit of grabbing with her teeth (i.e. biting) when she loses her balance and is going down. She does it to tables and people alike. She has teeth and it hurts, also this is not socially acceptable behavior, so we have been working on changing this behavior and she seems to be getting better. Don't want her little baby teeth to get damaged from chomping a table like the littlest kid from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Also don't want bite marks from her on my arms and shoulders. 

This also is one of those phrases you never thought you'd say but then you're a parent and somehow it's what needs to be said.

Title: Parenthood
M: Your mouth is not a stabilizer!!!

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