Sunday, August 21, 2022

Busy at the Moment

enable images they are the best part!

I find it humorous to say a quote with a different tone than the actor. It really changes the feel. Yes, this a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean. Alas, my little one has been getting insistent during meal prep that she wants the food NOW and we are like, it's raw. You can't have it raw. The food will be ready in a short amount of time but for you that will be like forever since you want instant gratification. But such is life. It is surprising what she will eat when she is just too hungry - I have given her some veggies that she normally rejects and she'll chow down during meal prep time. Or she'll try something (arugula), make a face and dig the offending item out of her mouth to give back to me, then request said item again when she sees me eating it, and repeat. 

L: Darling, to quote Captain Barbossa: *spoken softly* "I'm a little busy at the moment."

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