Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Mint Survival

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I couldn't decide which version of the comic was better, so first is my original and next is where I added the clarifying mint plant. 

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I like both versions - I feel the first one is more hilarious because how else would you keep a plant alive? Hydroponically? There are air plants but I believe those are very specific breeds of plants, not just anything can grow purely on sunshine. The second version loses some of the hilarity due to the plant being right there, dying in its pot. But once you plant the mint in the ground, it takes over and you can't get it back out! You probably can contain it in a raised bed or something similar. 

L: At this point, I think I'm gonna plant my mint in the ground since I can't keep it alive otherwise.
R: ... that would be a good plan???
*bonus* - mint plant in a pot, dying from either neglect or over watering or lack of sunlight or ...

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