Thursday, August 11, 2022

Trash Levels

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So this is a continuation of the previous comic, with all three levels of garbage to match the standard levels at a petrol station (I didn't think up a parallel to diesel, let me know if you think of one). I had to look up what the middle level is called because I just know there are three levels but not what they're called. I tried drawing the compostable logo on the mid-grade bin - it's a loose interpretation. And yes, the premium is recycling. My husband likes to say how at one point the local trash trucks were combining the trash and recycling because something about the center not being able to handle something or other so everything was getting pitched. 

Image of three garbage bins
Regular Trash: no symbols on it
Mid Grade Trash: has the compostable logo on it
Premium Trash: has the recycling logo on it

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