Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Hot as Chocolate

enable images they are great!

So I have a sibling who loves to order frozen hot chocolates all year round, and I get why they call it a frozen hot chocolate because "cold chocolate" sounds like you're just drinking from a chocolate fountain or something. Also, I wrote this comic back when we were in a super bad heat wave and it was in the 90's every day and my daughter would signal that she wanted to go outside and I would say NOPE not gonna melt out there today. She wanted to go on the swing set but all the pieces were too hot to touch :(  But it's better now! At least at time of writing, and I hope it stays nice like it is because LOOK OUT it's nearly September which is the best month. 

L: It's as hot as chocolate out there.
M: ... what?!?

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