Thursday, May 23, 2024

Discontinued Renegade

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Sadly my beloved Jeep was hit and totaled (we are fine, thank the Lord), so I am now searching for the next love of my car life. And I have a twinge of sadness every time I see a Renegade out there enriching someone's life. My toddler noticed a green Renegade in a parking lot and said it was like Mom's car, which I thought was a surprising correlation for a three-year-old since mine was a different color. But the Renegade is a more distinct car than a classic sedan. Anyways, I'm sure there'll be plenty of comics once I get a new car. Oh, a bonus panel! 

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Explanation: In the Marvel Universe, a character named Thanos gets an important glove then snaps his fingers to make half the people in the universe disappear. In my comic above, I allude to Thanos snapping to remove all the Renegades from the Earth (so not a universal snap, just our planet).

L1: Why don't you get another Renegade?
L2: They've been discontinued :( 
L1: They're all gone?!
L2: Yep, Thanos snapped them off the Earth.
L1: ... so they might be on other planets?
L2: We can't rule that out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


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Wow, you don't realize how many versions there are of a thing until you go to buy one. This is why so many people just buy the same thing they already had, just the newer version. There's too many options otherwise. But when your thing gets discontinued, then the decisions have to be made and it's annoying. 

Explanation: A stable could be described as a tiny barn. To stabilize something means to make it sturdier (more stable), but it could be interpreted as making something more like a stable. 

A: I told you to stabilize the swing set - why did you build a tiny barn around it?!?
B: :) It's not a tiny barn!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Board of Elections

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Whether or not you believe in election, there still is a Board of Elections and it's not that kind of election. If you don't know about that kind of election, I am fine with leaving you in your ignorance. It's a very debated topic and it can mean different things. 

Explanation: The Board of Elections is a political thing. The topic of election is a spiritual thing. 

A: You got something from the Board of Elections.
B: I don't believe in election!

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Bored of Elections

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Happy Birthday Eve to my niece and my grandma!
Please read your official mail - sometimes it has useful stuff in there. Also, don't checkout and be bored of elections - they are important and you should make your voice heard even if your voice seems small. 

Explanation: "Board" and "bored" sound the same, and by the time an election finally happens there's been so much news coverage of all the main angles that it can be boring. 

A: You got something from the Board of Elections.
B: Sign me up! I'm bored of elections.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Voting Idiocy


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Happy Birthday to my niece!
I believe the Maryland Primaries are today, so research and vote if you're in a group that does that! Side note - I really like my mouseover on this comic. 

A: What do you think of the bill?
B: Only an idiot would vote for that.
A: You're that sure it'll pass?

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Repost: Happy Mother's Day 2019

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A repost from 2019! This might be my favorite line from Dr. Seuss, taken from the famous Are You My Mother book which WAIIIIIIIIIIIT it's not a Dr. Seuss book???? But it's shaped just like them??? It's actually a P. D. Eastman book. Today I learned. It was published in 1960, which means it's older than my parents. 

Baby Bird: I am glad you are my Mother. And that you are not a SNORT.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Ranking Hospitals

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Happy Birthday to my Brother-in-Law! He's about a year older than me and a few years ago he had appendicitis so ever since I've been wary that my appendix could expire at any time. He probably went to the local General Hospital. There's a road near me named Columbia Gateway but it's abbreviated on signs to Col. Gateway and that makes me think either Colonel Gateway or shorten it further to Col. Gate. like the toothpaste. Also for this comic I was thinking what other ranks could be funny hospitals and realized Private Hospital is a thing.

Explanation: General Hospitals are a thing, they aren't specialist. But also General is a military ranking like Colonel. But I'm pretty sure military hospitals don't rank like that.  

A: Are they at the Windsor General Hospital?
B: No, the Windsor Colonel Hospital.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024


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I'm not on the Twitter/X so is it still called retweeting? I have the same name as a celebrity so my ability to get accounts with my name is rather limited and I haven't tried to enter that particular sphere. Also did I draw a chick who should be cheeping rather than tweeting? Maybe. Maybe it's a baby tweety bird that just happens to be yellow and orange. It could happen. HAH I should have looked up what a baby mockingbird looks like, they would be retweeting since they like mimicry so much. 

Explanation: Birds are often characterized as saying "tweet" so a natural progression from that would be to "retweet." 

Title: Some kids are born leaders - others, however...
Baby Bird: Retweet! Retweet!

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Riddle me E

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At first I didn't get what my man said because I heard it as "you" and I was like "no, that has no 'e's in it!" but then he clarified it as a female sheep and I was befuddled. The expected answer was "envelope" because the letter contained in it is a physical paper like a note also called a letter. But "ewe" sounds like the letter U so now there are two answers. Can you think of any more that qualify? The word must start and end with E and contain one letter (take that as you will). EYE! That's a third answer (sounds like I). Words like "eve" or "ere" don't qualify in my opinion because they contain three letters (i.e. "how many letters does the word "eve" contain?) but an argument could be made for saying the 'e's contain the one letter but that's really breaking down what 'contain' means in reference to a word. 

L: What word starts and ends with E and contains one letter?
M: Ewe.
L: Envel... wait a minute - that works, too. 

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Food Leaf Blower


Happy Birthday Eve to my Mark! He's the best. 

So I can't find the link for a food leaf blower, but this item is close. I can't find one for food but there are several on Amazon for keyboards and similar, so they're USB powered and meant to clean off your desk dirt. But I think that would work for food too if you have a converter to charge it near your kid's food. Or you just bring your computer over to the food area and plug it in like that. 

L: *scrolling on phone* Does Robin need a little leaf blower for her food?
M: *holding a pizza slice* I think I just burned my tongue.
L: Do you need a little leaf blower for your food?

Tuesday, April 30, 2024


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This realization hit me when I was writing the word "in-laws" recently, I don't remember the context but I wanted to let you all know this factoid. So the next time you're in a conversation and there's a weird lull, you can share this knowledge (and probably make it weirder). "AWS" stands for "Amazon Web Services" and I recommend looking them up to get a nice explanation of what all they do because I am not going to think up a succinct summary of what it is. 

L: You can't spell "in-laws" without "AWS." 
M: ... I'm not sure what you want me to do with that information. 

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Toddler Time

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I mean, it's all just numbers to a toddler. Saying something happens at two o'clock is meaningless, but saying it's a little bit after lunch means she'll demand it when she takes her last bite of sandwich and that's still a problem, just a different one. Maybe it's like software development, when you eliminate an error message so you celebrate - ignoring that a different error is now showing, that's irrelevant. 

L: Hmmm, what time is it?
R: Forty-eight!
L: Excellent guess, but it's 2:51pm. 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Many Happy Returns

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An early Happy Birthday to my little Robin, wow it's been a few years (literally). So apparently "many happy returns" is from British English and other variants of British but not American. But there was a tv show named that about a returns department manager and that's an amazing title for that premise. There's also a Sherlock mini-episode named that. Who knew.

Explanation: "Many happy returns" is a well-wishing phrase, and some people have many items to return (unknown if the items are happy).

M: Here are the returns.
L: Are they many and happy?

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


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True story, except this exchange happened in the car and it was a bumper sticker on someone else's car - but I prefer drawing stick figures over cars, so this is my interpretation based on a true story. Punk bands were very popular back when I was in high school but way back then I just listened to music on the radio and knew nothing about the artists so I'd know all the lyrics and music but be clueless about the band. One way this showed up was when I was quietly singing something around the house and my husband asked "is that Yellow Card or Green Day?" and I didn't have a clue (I don't recall the song so I can't say which one it was). 

Explanation: This is basically like when my grandparents tell each other that all their friends are getting old, what is with that?

L: That's a Blink182 sticker - how old is she?
M: She looks about our age.
L: ... yeah, that checks out.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sleep Sack Physics

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Both of my kids have/had the ability to walk around nearly unimpeded by their sleep sacks (the toddler doesn't wear one anymore but she did for about two years). A sleep sack is like a nightgown that's sealed at the bottom, or a sleeping bag with armholes. They're very nice for when your kid is too small to keep a blanket on and you don't want them waking up cold at night. I don't understand how my kid walks around in one - it shouldn't work, per my mind, but it does. My daughter would walk from her room to our room in the morning like no problem here, just strutting along. Maybe this skill will help them in life somehow...

M: How did he do that - he's in a sleep sack?!?
L: He doesn't let things like physics stop him.