Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Biblical Names on a Theme

Esther and Vashti

One of these names is much more popular than the other. Actually Esther's Jewish name, Hadassah, is probably more popular than Vashti. Nobody really wants to name their kid after the deposed queen. It's always good to know the history of a name before naming a child, pet, or object. If you're unfamiliar with the Biblical story, Vashti is the queen in the first chapter of Esther but the king asks her to do something which she refuses to do, and so she is deposed. Her removal leaves a vacancy which Esther is able to fill, and this elevated position gives Esther the leverage needed to save the Jewish people from Haman's plot. The whole book is an epic, dramatic adventure with sub-plots and intrigue. I highly recommend reading it - it's only ten chapters and one has only three verses and the plot really moves the whole book quickly. 

A: We wanted Biblical names, but on a theme.
B: So that's why your daughters are Esther and Vashti. 

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