Thursday, November 26, 2020

Pick Your Battles

No - wait - that's too many battles, put some of those back!

Happy Thanksgiving!
This is not an entirely original post, as the wording is from a text post I saw on a social media site. I just really wanted to draw it. It's true with children and also adults.
With the holiday that really starts The Holiday Season happening today, please keep in mind that you very rarely can change someone's mind through an argument. Listening with empathy, and the realization that you could change your mind just as (not) easily as they could, is important. Don't cause stressful situations and also remove yourself from said stressful situations if you find them starting. I like to bring a crochet project along and if topics are broached, I just go crochet. Focus on my pattern and creating beautiful things. It's nice to have an out, rather freeing actually, and I crochet even when it's not stressful so it's just a nice calming thing to do. 

A: Pick your battles!
B: *thinking*
A: No, wait....
B: *taking all the items symbolizing battles*
A: That's too many battles - put some of those back!
B: *walking away with all*

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