Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thanksgiving Preparations


Bath salts for the turkey brine

Thanksgiving is this week! Whaaaaat that means I really need to finish up my Christmas gifts that I plan on making and also start ordering things that are gonna take a longer time to ship. 

I was up visiting family a week or two ago and my mom made a turkey and it was in the salt soak and I thought up this comic. Also, I have a salad to prepare for Thursday. Totally not connected to this comic - Mark and I make a really good salad. And desserts too! And we've hosted plenty of dinners at our abode and, to our knowledge, nobody has gotten sick or anything. We actually are both rather good chefs. It's not that hard to know your limits and select straight-forward recipes and just follow the directions. We are responsible for introducing our previous neighborhood to tater-tachos. They are super good - it's just like a taco salad but you use tater tots as the base layer instead of chips. 

A: Are you ready for Thursday?
L: Yep, I have the bath salts for the turkey brine.
A: Actually, can you bring a salad?

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