Sunday, November 1, 2020

Fake Gnus Part 1


Sheep to cows wearing wildebeest horns: Fake Gnus!

A coworker of mine likes to claim Fake News so after Scrum one day I drew this up. Just in time for the election! Why is it a Part 1? Could there be a Part 2? You'll find out on Tuesday (or by hitting the "Next" button if you're looking at this after 11/3/2020). 

What is a gnu? It's a wildebeest! Have I crocheted one of these from my Pattern Book of African Animals? Surprisingly no, it has a pattern for African Buffalo and I thought that's what a gnu was but I was mistaken. 

Sheep: Fake Gnus!
Jersey Cows with slopped horns on their heads: *confused silence*

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