Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I Don't Know How To Respond In This Type of Situation Part 5

I have had this happen many times and I never know how to respond. Yep, they're plain as the.... glasses on my face. Or the nose, which is supporting the glasses. I guess people just want to make conversation, and I just want to avoid conversations. It's a battle. 

Title: I Don't Know How To Respond In This Type of Situation
Hey, you're wearing your glasses!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Instant Pot

I got an Instant Pot for Christmas from my grandparents and I like using it but it does not work this way and it'd be kinda cool if it did but it is excellent for many meals. Getting back home from Christmas was interesting because I wasn't sure how TSA would handle it being in my checked in luggage but they were fine with it and all was well. And now I can cook rice and hard boiled eggs and so many thing so easily. But actually we put the Instant Pot out in our POD because we're trying to keep the kitchen clear and open but it's easily accessible so that's nice. 

A: How are you going to make the soup?
B: I got one of those fancy pressure cookers - it should just... appear.
A: ... That's not how the Instant Pot works. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Knight with a Shining Armoire

How many people know what an armoire is? Probably even less people know how to spell it. My spell checker doesn't even know. It's making me doubt my previous spelling which was based on a previous search. Now Google probably thinks I want to buy an armoire. I don't - we have plenty of furniture currently. In case you are thinking it's just a wardrobe - there's a difference. But the one definition encapsulates the other - an armoire is a type of wardrobe (but conversely, a wardrobe is not necessarily an armoire). In "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", the titular wardrobe is more specifically an armoire. And a closet is even more broad of a term than wardrobe. The more you know...
Also, it is 6 months til Christmas!

Princess: Why are you polishing that closet?
Knight: I heard you like a knight with a shining armoire. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tracking Shoes

I saw an ad a while ago that was for sneakers that had a tracker in them for this purpose (the exercise purpose, not the criminal one) and I thought this up right away. It basically is an ankle bracelet that tells people where you are. I have thought about getting a bracelet that does some tracking but then I think, do I really want to be tracked? But there are nice features like the health things, tracking your heart rate and sleep patterns and such. And also, I have a smart phone so it's tracking me anyways. But it's good to think about security - should you be posting when you're out and about? Probably it's fine, provided you know where you're sharing it (just friends, not randos on the internet). But I'm not comfortable with a tracking shoe. To each their own?

Jogger: My new TRAQ shoes keep track of my steps and logs where I've been!
Criminal: Cool, I am probably getting an ankle bracelet that does the same thing.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Small Shallow Groups

I saw a skit a while ago that mentioned Small Shallow Groups (as opposed to Adult Bible Fellowships, which are meant to have a small group go deep in a topic together) and that inspired this comic. To take this into the business realm, how would you answer the question when posited during an interview? Now I kinda want to ask it in my next interview. They usually ask about strengths and weaknesses, and I guess stating your greatest strength is kinda like stating your biggest security. 
On the topic of icebreakers, my amazing husband and I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the tv show) on Netflix and we like it. Why is this related to icebreakers? Well, in the first episode, there is ice and it breaks and people meet due to that. I like a good visual pun. 

Facilitator: In our Small Shallow Group, we like to start with an icebreaker. Today's is - what is your biggest security?
A: My looks
B: My job
C: My car
D: My charm

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Ploszaj Way

Dinner is almost ready and we need to leave five minutes ago. It's the Ploszaj way!

It's the way I grew up :) I thought this comic up one of the times I was visiting home and there was some chaos. My mom makes amazing food and sometimes it takes longer that expected (except we now expect it so it's a paradox) so we don't leave the house in a timely manner.

L: Dinner is almost ready and we need to leave five minutes ago.
A: It's the Ploszaj way!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Hold That Thought

Just like horses, thoughts should be held

Just like horses, thoughts should be held? I thought this up probably in Awana, the kids ministry I normally volunteer at during the school year but we go off the local school schedule so it was cancelled early just like everything else.
It's hard to hold thoughts. They can just slip away and disappear. It's annoying when the really good ones do that. That's why I have a note on my phone for all the random comics I think up - have to jot them down before they get away. But sometimes I'm too brief with the note and then late I look at it in confusion wondering what on earth I was thinking. 

Teacher: I'll take questions in a minute, so hold that thought. 
Child: *holding thought bubble*

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lost Sheep Pie

Alternate take on Luke 15

We are reading through the Bible with our Sunday class and I thought this one up after reading Luke 15. The shepherd invites all his friends to a party after finding his lost sheep, and as I was raised Baptist then if you have a gathering there needs to be food so clearly if he's a shepherd, he'd make pie. But then it all kinda falls apart when you know the meaning of the parable
I also remember the first time I made shepherd's pie. I was kinda horrified to find that the main ingredient is the cute little lamb. But it's so tasty. 
It's funny how you can remember something incorrectly. I thought there was an episode of Young Hercules where they are in charge of an inn for the day and the only thing they know how to make is shepherd's pie so they convince each table that the only good thing on the menu is shepherd's pie but actually it's chicken salad that they know how to make and convince everyone to order. 

S: I'm having a party because I found my lost sheep!
B: Awesome! What's for dinner?
S: Shepherd's Pie. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mental Gymnastics

I forget what sparked this one, but I liked it so much and it does make me smile to think of someone actually doing this. It could be entertaining to hold a championship for mental gymnastics, to see the hurdles people can convolute their logic through. I have not heard any convincing cases for Atlanta being Atlantis, but now I'm curious.

A: Nice medal - what did you win?
B: First place in mental gymnastics!
A: Oh -
B: Atlanta IS Atlantis and here's PROOF! (holding phone)

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

B'more Gotham

So I forget what make me think of this. It's kinda nice working from home because my news feed isn't picking up as much Baltimore news (my office is on the edge of Baltimore so when I'm at work and check the news it tells me the ... different counts). Is their mayor a female? I would have to check. Nope, the current mayor is Bernard Young. The previous mayor was female, but she resigned last year. Too much crime, on all the levels. Not sure vigilantes is the best plan, but hey maybe it'd work?
Baltimore has a nice Comic-Con each year in October. I just checked and it's not cancelled (yet) which is hopeful. We were down in Baltimore for lunch one Saturday a few years ago and saw several Batmen walk past then followed them and found the Comic-Con.

Reporter: Mayor, what is your plan to tackle crime in Baltimore?
Mayor: We are renaming the city "Gotham" and hoping for the best.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Personal Wheel Invention

Happy Birthday to my niece!
So I did learn some Greek in high school and yes I went to a Christian school and yes it was to get a deeper knowledge of the Bible and yes, I do think it is kinda helpful. But translations are super helpful, just do your research to ensure it's a good translation. And you can use tools like Strong's Concordance and the BlueLetterBible to help you gain insight into individual words.
Also in high school, I took a missions trip (unconnected to my high school) to Greece (during the 2004 Olympics there which was AWESOME) so I did learn some modern Greek for that so I could say hello and thank you.

M: Why did you learn Greek in your Christian high school?
L: Duh, so we can read the Bible.
M: But... translations?
M: ... ok?

Thursday, June 4, 2020


My work has a lion mascot and they just bought a company with a panda mascot so if you put those words together then you get Linda which is my mom's name :) She could be the mascot of our joint company! But actually I've seen an image which has both a lion and a panda but they aren't merged like a liger which is just boring. I know you can't (or at least shouldn't) cross a feline and an ursine (haha fancy word for bear) but now I want to draw one. I feel like it could be in Avatar: The Last Airbender since they have things like a platypus-bear (lays eggs when scared) and lizard-parrot and other odd hybrids.
But if you blended the names like is done with the liger (lion+tiger) then technically you'd get landa but that's not fair to both words - I split them more evenly. Wait no, the i is the second letter in both lion and tiger so it could be taken from lion rather than tiger and then it's fair. Glad we got that sorted out.

lion + panda = mom

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


On this day, a few years ago (within the decade because Mark and I were visiting and witnessed the craziness first-hand), my parents got A NEW FRIDGE!!! There was happiness, there was panic because we had to move the stuff from the old fridge to the new fridge even though there was an empty spare fridge that could have totally been used as an intermediary step but was totally disregarded instead, it was a memorable day. It's a local holiday in my family. At least to me it is. Families should have their own weird little holidays. It brings you together or something like that.

Happy Fridge Day!!! (on a fridge)