Sunday, May 1, 2022

Nebraska, Page 1

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 The week before Easter, we went out to the Midwest for my brother-in-law Peter's wedding. We took a roundabout path to get there - flying into Denver, driving up to Wyoming, over to South Dakota, then finally to Nebraska for the wedding, and finishing by driving back to Colorado to fly out. It was a great week! It was our first major trip with out almost-one-year-old (she's one at time of posting, but you can see this trip was a few weeks ago). We had my brother-in-law Noah with us for the trip which was great - having three adults and one baby is a good ratio :) 
The conversation in this comic didn't quite happen - the waitress was looking at my driver's license because my credit card says to verify ID, and when she asked why we were out there we just gave the short version of "brother marrying a local."

So much text. This is the title page for my Nebraska travel comic blog so it says "Nebraska" in block letters then specifies "also: Denver CO, Laramie WY, Rapid City SD, and Chadron for Nebraska" with the dates April 11-17, 2022.
Waitress, examining driver's license: What brings someone from Maryland to Nebraska?
M: My brother, who's living in the Middle East, is marrying his fiancée, who's living in Africa, and she's from North Dakota.
W: ?
W: Well, have a nice day!
L: Thanks!

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