Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Utah, Page 1

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Another missed vacation comic! This one is from 2018, when we went out West to Utah to see a few national parks. It was a great trip! So much hiking, so many natural wonders, and excellent food in Moab where we stayed. We got to experience a Dark Sky area, which means after the sun goes down it gets super duper dark! We stayed in Arches National Park to watch the sunset, then drove almost out of the park and waited for total dark which was amazing - so many stars, so little man-made light! We wanted to be near the exit because wow, it was dark and I didn't want to experience the winding roads with only our headlights. The last panel here is a Comical True Story, where a random couple injected their opinion into our conversation because they couldn't handle my incorrect assumption. Which is totally fine - we were seeing our first canyon and figured once seeing one you've seen them all and they were assuring us that is not the case. So we will aim to go see the Grand Canyon at some point. Probably. 


Panel 1a - Arches | Canyonlands | Dead Horse
Panel 1b - UTAH
Panel 1c - September 1-5, 2018

Panel 2 - Sunset in the Park
L: Let's get out before it's completely dark!

Panel 3 -
L: Canyonlands is amazing! Do we even need to see the Grand one?
R: Yes. Yes you do. It's amazing.

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