Sunday, May 8, 2022

Nebraska Page 4

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Happy Mother's Day!
In the first panel, we never found out (i.e. looked up) what was in those BTC tankers, and I don't know how to look that up since all the top hits for BTC are Bitcoin. Maybe they really were full of virtual currency.... Panel 2 is referencing a massive tourist trap known as Wall Drug and my husband really disliked the place, but there were so.many.signs for it. I thought it was interesting to wander through - we were not interested in the free ice water as it was a bitterly cold day. Panel 3 is referencing a real sign and the sign that came to mind when I saw the afore mentioned real sign. Panel 4 is just a fancy word for being in debt, which I'm not, but you do need to be careful with souvenirs because there are just so many cool things to get. I'm holding a buffalo wearing a Mt Rushmore t-shirt and a wooly mammoth in said panel. And the final panel is a great summary for how the wedding did not go - it was a totally normal wedding, with delicious Middle Eastern food for the reception since both of them are working over there. That panel is also a reminder that we saw so.very.many Oregon Trail markers and landmarks - it was a real thing, not just a weirdly popular while education computer game!

P1 - 
 M: What is in those BTC tankers?
 L: Sand?
 N: Bitcoin. Filled to the brim.
P2 - 
 M: Anywhere you want to stop on our way out of Nebraska? 
 M: NO!
P3 - 
P4 - Getting Souvenirs
 N: This is why you're insolvent.
 L: What's insolvent?
 N: That's also why you're insolvent.
P5 -
 A: What's a wedding in Nebraska like?
 L: Thankfully, no dysentery.
 M: Ten gallon hats.
 L: The bride had a flannel veil.
 M: Banjo processional.
 L: They left in a covered wagon. 

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