Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sub Culture

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 Thank you to all who have served! I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend. My hometown in CT always had a nice parade, complete with the local Fife & Drum Corps in their tricorne hats. My current town doesn't do parades and I kind of miss them. It was nice to have everyone gather on the Towne Green for the local festivals, whether it was for a nation holiday like Memorial Day or a hyper local event like the Shad Derby. I always appreciated the floats that threw candy. 

Explanation: A subculture is a smaller group inside of a larger group ('sub' here means 'subset'). A sub can also mean a submarine, which is a boat that goes underwater, and boats are part of the Navy. That's just a little picture of how my brain works. 

M: The Army is a subculture.
L: I thought that was the Navy?

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