Thursday, May 19, 2022

Canada, Page 2

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 We did a lot of walking on our trip, but that's how we like to do things. Lots of nature walks, grossly lots of banana slugs *bleh they look like a moving dog turd* but the scenery in the temperate rain forest was just amazing. We revisiting Butchart Gardens and Victoria Butterfly Gardens, we had previously visited them on our honeymoon a decade before. 

Panel 1:
M: We walked five miles today.
L: No, we were walking kilometers!

Panel 2: 
L: Unsweet iced tea is unheard of here. [found this out after asking for it at several restaurants]

Panel 3: Butchart Gardens
L: Flowers again!

Panel 4: Victoria Butterfly Gardens
M: Butterflies again!
L: Spike :( [Spike was a bird who liked to peck shoes - we met him on our honeymoon a decade ago, and they had a little memorial to him when we visited this time]

Panel 5:
M: Favorite day of trip?
L: The one where we didn't see any banana slugs!

Panel 6:
L: This bridge is see-through - this is awesome!
M: That is terrifying.

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