Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Canada, Page 1


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So when I did my Nebraska comics, I was looking through the other comics I've done and I realized I hadn't posted my ones from some previous vacations! So here's the start of a two-day comic from a few years ago, when Mark and I did our ten-year anniversary by revisiting where we went for our honeymoon! We went to British Columbia, but not the same exact place as before as we wanted to explore more of this beautiful area. I highly recommend visiting BC! We got to soak in a natural hot spring, which was awesome. We took a sea plane to get to another leg of our adventure and that was exciting! The nature tour on a boat was cold but so worth it to see all the wildlife. And of course, seeing a fossil on display makes every vacation even better! 

Also, Happy Birthday to my grandma! She is amazing, and she is my namesake, and she taught me how to crochet! I love her lots. 

Title: CANADA August 31 - September 7, 2019
Panel 1: Hot Springs [two people soaking in a hot spring]
Panel 2: Sea Plane! [a sea plane either in the air or floating on water, either could work]
Panel 3: bald eagle! sea lions! humpback! seals! orcas! [three rows of people in an inflatable boat, floating in the water]
Panel 4: M: What's that over there? L: Dinosaur footprints!

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