Thursday, May 26, 2022

Utah, Page 2

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The second and final page of our Utah trip. It was a great time, just me and my Mark exploring the town of Moab and seeing the sites. So many dinosaur remains out there! It turns out, back in the day, loads of people mined for uranium ("totally safe!" said the government) and while digging around, they found some massive bones and paleontology is grateful for their findings! So many trails to explore and view fossils that are just lying about, specifically tracks that have been uncovered. Our B&B that we stayed at gave us fresh melons in the morning to take on hikes and it was amazing! We went to the local grocery store to get fruit and were shocked at how expensive apples were. Turns out, if you can't grow trees then tree fruit is expensive. Very few trees were seen on our Utah trip. Moab Giants was an awesome experience and I kinda want to upload some photos to show the life-sized dinosaurs with which we interacted.


Panel 1 - M: All the food here is tasty! [Pho! BBQ! Thai! Mexican!]

Panel 2 - M: Four apples are HOW MUCH?!? L: wow. [L is shocked while M holds a receipt and a bag of apples]

Panel 3 - Dino tracks in the wild! [two dinosaur footprints]

Panel 4 - Melons on a desert hike [M holding a container while L eats a melon piece]

Panel 5 - Life-sized Dinosaurs at Moab Giants [L posing for M in front of a massive T-Rex]

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