Sunday, January 8, 2023


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Is it flowing with milk and honey? Do all Biblical cafés overdo the milk and honey? I am trying to think of the name of the restaurant in The Bible Museum but I'm gonna double-check via Google to say YES it is Milk + Honey Café. Oh, the restaurant way upstairs is called Manna but their café is by the entry and is open to all. I think I have only gone to the restaurant and not the café but I could be wrong. I'm heading back to the museum this month because !!! they are putting on a production of The Horse and His Boy and I'm excited to see how they do it. I recently listened to the whole Narnia series via audiobooks mainly on vacation drives over last summer but finished up the last few on my own at home with my toddler bopping about. 

Back to the comic - my pastor recently finished a sermon series going through Malachi and this comic sprang to mind. Tea was on my mind, as it tends to be. "Chai" is a common spicy tea blend made to be served with milk, and I was thinking about the name "Malachi" and how I once heard a kid pronounce it like "ma-LA-chee" then I thought "chai" and the comic happened.

A: What's your favorite tea at this Biblical café? 
B: The Mala-Chai.

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