Sunday, January 22, 2023

Onion Soda

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If ginger, which is a root, can be a soda (ale, which is basically synonymous with beer) then why not pick another root, onion, to be a soda? Does that mean that root beer is syntactically the same thing as ginger ale? And any root (potato, for example) could be SodaStreamed and called root beer? Things to ponder...

Also, I think this is an excellent example of why I should not ever get a SodaStream. I feel like carrot soda could be marketed to health nuts. Now I want to look up if carrot soda is a thing. The closest thing I could find is carrot cake soda, which is still quite odd but not in the health food category. WHAT THIS IS WEIRDER: both onion and garlic sodas are a thing per this article. Wait, now my comic is about an already made product... I'm not sure how to feel about that.

L: You've heard of ginger ale, now get ready for:
L2: Onion soda.
L: If you can liquidize it, you can carbonate it!
M: *facepalm* 

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