Thursday, January 26, 2023

Stinking Dollars

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Happy early Birthday to my brother!
Now I'm thinking of a scene where there's a mob boss type person telling a lackey to launder the money and then that guy just.... takes the suitcase of money and tosses it all into a machine at the local laundry mat. He returns with the bills all haphazardly stuffed back in the suitcase, still warm from the dryer. While waiting for the lackey to return, the boss is talking about how long it should take for the lackey to go to enough businesses to buy then sell items only to be surprised by said lackey with his suitcase full of warm money after a 30min wash and 45min dry. Now I'm thinking of a comic about this...

A: It costs three hundred stinking dollars?!?
L: If your money is stinking, maybe try laundering it. 

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