Sunday, February 19, 2023

Bear Optometry

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Happy belated Birthday to my niece!
There's a song about a bear who went over a mountain to see what he could see. And that's about the whole song, you just repeat that a bunch. OH apparently there's a second verse that says all that he could see was the other side of the mountain. How riveting. And now I'm thinking about that joke that says not all construction jobs have the same level of excitement - enlarging holes is boring but fastening things together with small pieces of metal is riveting. Also, did you get the pun in the doctor's name? I heard it in a tv show, I think it was Heroes. I am failing to find my source because there are a lot of real-world "doctors" who are considered "heroes" who are named "Seymour" and/or "Clearly" so I need to up my search parameters. Or just take my word for it - I'm pretty sure they show a business card with that name on it. 

Explanation: A bear with poor eyesight needs glasses so he can go over a mountain to see what he can see, like the song says.

Banner: Dr. Seymour Clearly, O.D. Optometry
D: Soon, you will be able to go over that mountain!
Bear: *happy*

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