Sunday, February 26, 2023

Steep Pricing

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I don't recall what type of tea we were discussing, but it was a more pricy kind. Personally, I like Plum Deluxe (not a sponsor) and their pricing isn't bad, especially with sales, but their shipping takes a while. But their tea is quite tasty! We got their Advent calendar this year and it came with a checklist so you could remember which ones "jingled your bells" or were "not my cup of tea." I would like to do it again next year - it was nice to have a new tea to try each day with our breakfast. There was only one tea that we didn't try - it had pineapple (a no for me) and mint (a no for my husband) so we gave the sample to my in-laws. 

S: That's a steep price!
L: Well, it is tea.

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