Sunday, February 12, 2023

Thimble of Power

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Why craft an entire Infinity Gauntlet when you could just have a thimble of power? Now I'm imagining an Infinity War arc where everyone is fighting for control of this normal-sized thimble rather than all the gems spread across the universe. They're all using the art of misdirection and slight of hand to pocket the thimble, but there are easily-made fakes all about so clearly the chain of custody will get muddled and eventually nobody knows where the real Thimble of Power is - in an after-credit scene, there's a little old lady doing her needlework and the camera just zooms in on the thimble on her finger.

So about last Thursday's comic - I apparently made a scheduling error. I aim to schedule these comics to post in the morning and my email thingy sends out at 8am if there's a new post. Since I do my scheduling either during my kid's naptime or bedtime, both of those times are after 8am so I have to remember to not only schedule the date but also the time. I forgot to schedule the time. Whoops. Hence it was a Friday email for the Thursday comic. 

A: Whoever has this small sewing tool is the leader of our crafting guild.
B: ?
A: It's our thimble of power.

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