Thursday, February 9, 2023

Money Laundry

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So a quick search revealed that laundry mats are a common component of money laundering because they expect large amounts of cash in those venues which means they can fudge the numbers more easily, but my take is that people launder their money the traditional way i.e. washing and drying in the machines. Squeaky clean money. I'm not going to include links here because if you want to research crime, you must do that on your own. Now I want someone to run on the platform "Launder Clothes, Not Money." Please make it happen. 

B: How long will it take your man to launder the money?
M: There's a Laundromat nearby that has a 30min wash and 45min dry, so Johnny should be back in under two hours.
B: ...
M: I hope he took enough quarters. 

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