Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Royal Options

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The names listed in the comic are from Disney, the Legend of Zelda, and Mario. Only time will tell if we'll have a Throckmorton Luigi (TLC) or Petunia Vashti (PVC)... Today I learned that Luigi and Mario are not just brothers but actually twins. Hmmm, the more you know. Also Vashti is a complicated character, but I remember that every time I read the book of Esther. There a lot to digest in that book - it's so full of drama and interwoven plots. 

M: We're thinking a two-syllable royal name, to match with our Queen Lucy the Valiant.
A: Charming!
B: Zelda!
C: Snow White!
M: Suggestions are now closed.
A: Jafar!
B: Tetra!
C: Daisy!
L2: Bowser!

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