Thursday, September 29, 2022

Foot in Glove


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Happy almost Birthday to my brother!!! 

Foot in glove - it'd kind of be like toe socks? Foot in mitten would probably be better. But still not good. But that's not what this is about! So the proper phrase is something like "fitting together like hand in glove" and denotes working well together. So this could be how to denote not working well together?

A: How's your new team at work going?
B: We are working foot in glove together.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Wise Choices

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This question is asked many times every day in my household. My darling has started shaking her head 'no' when appropriate and it's kinda cute. So many situations apply - it's too long of a list to even start so I won't.  

L: Are you making wise choices?
L2: *shakes head no*

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Soccer Scoring


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So I'm not really a sports person but this one was inspired by a dinner we had at a restaurant which had a soccer game playing on one of their screens. I can enjoy watching sports, if they are fast-paced enough to keep my attention and also if I understand said sport. 

Title: Watching Soccer
A: Is there a non-zero score? 
B: Yes!
A: ooOOooh, exciting.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Surrender to Sleep

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So apparently "giving no quarter" is forbidden under international humanitarian law, but I feel like toddlers disregard international (or just basic) humanitarian law. Giving no quarter originally meant that you were not going to house (quarter) any prisoners i.e. means you're going to kill all of your opponents. But there's a modern American take on it which just means you're going to treat someone unkindly and I feel that's the more appropriate meaning for this comic. 

We often request our little one to surrender to sleep as she valiantly fights it off. Little one, you will be in SUCH a better mood if you take a little nap. I feel like that's true for adults as well - sleep helps improve your mood when you're getting cranky, no matter your age.

L: Please surrender to sleep.
L2: *I give no quarter!*

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Grievous Mistake

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When titling this one, I realized I misspelled the character's name as "Grevious" but I caught it before publishing but now you all know anyways. It's a hard word. The mistake in question was discovered when I was making waffle batter (WHOOPS I need to make more batter tonight so we have waffles in the morning) and I noticed that the buttermilk I had bought was low-fat instead of regular (I didn't even know they made low-fat buttermilk - it's milk with butter in it, there's lots of fat). BUT in the end it was ok because the waffles were rather tasty. I was worried they'd be too thin but they were not. Probably won't go looking for this in the future, but if it's the only option available I now know that it's viable.

Explanation: In Star Wars, there is a Sith character named General Grievous who is not actually a Sith but a follower of them due to his hatred of the Jedi. He has four arms and uses a lightsaber in each hand, making him a very difficult opponent to battle. The pun is that "a grievous mistake" is a really bad mistake, and there's a character named Grievous in Star Wars who uses four lightsabers.

L: I made a mistake.
M: How bad is it?
L: Four lightsabers.
M: ... what?!
L: It's a Grievous mistake. 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Ton of Gold

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I have been reading through the Bible this year and this comic came to mind when reading in 1 Kings with the temple preparations. Also after looking up 'ton' vs 'tonne' I came to the shocking realization that neither are 2,000 pounds. But that's what I learned back in grade school! Apparently there are short and long tons too - why is this unit used so many different ways? OH American tons are 2,000 pounds per this article here and that explains why I learned it that way since I am American. 

S: And I want to use a ton of gold!
A: Ok, how much are you thinking?
S: ... a ton.
A: Can you be more specific?
S: 2,000 pounds.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

My Romantic Chemicals


Above, the generic comic. Below, the one that came to mind after remembering that Batman, in The Batman, listens to My Chemical Romance

So this comic was inspired when I saw "MRC" graffitied on a dump truck. Those happen to be the initials of at least two of my family members, so there's that too. In the movie mentioned above, there is a scene where MCR is playing loudly and when something happens to shift the focus, Batman turns down his music and you realize it wasn't just movie magic music, he really was blasting music in his cave. I liked that detail. Also I totally think a young sidekick/partner would refer to music from two decades ago as oldies. Wow, 2001 was when MCR started and that was two decades ago. Bleh. 

Explanation: the band is "My Chemical Romance" and usually abbreviated MCR. The young person flips the words to be "My Romantic Chemicals" which seems like a different sort of band. 

R: Holy Oldies, Batman! It's that band you like - My Romantic Chemicals!
B: *facepalm*

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Too Late for a Miracle


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This is the only Disney movie my little one has seen, and she has seen it twice (once with each side of the family). I wrote this a while ago but realized I need to post it before everyone forgets about Encanto, which might happen when the next major kid movie drops. I like the estimated restocking time. 

M: 𝆕𝆕 Am I too late for a miracle? 𝆕𝆕
S: Yep, we just sold out. We should be restocked in five to seven business years.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Donating vs Sampling


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I had to get blood drawn and this comic came to mind. I did not say it out loud but I was thinking it. Also, it's a little unrealistic that a place would do both donations and samples - usually donations are handled through Red Cross centers or volunteer locations like churches whereas lab orders are filled at places like LabCorp where it's all medical samples there.
The place I went to has a feature where you can check in from your car and just chill there until they are ready for you which is nice because many medical places are still requiring masks so spending less time in the mask is good. But when they sent me the text to say they were ready to see me, I received it 27 times. Thankfully I didn't have the sound on my phone so it was afterwards when I checked my phone that I saw wow, that's a lot of messages. 

Title: Phlebotomy
N: Are you here to donate?
L: No, I'm here to sample.
N: ... ?
L: Here's my lab order.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Carbonated Protein

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Happy Birthday to my mom! Hope your day does not involve carbonated protein. 
Tuna Soda - the drink of the apocalypse when you have to use what you have to survive, and what you have is a SodaStream and a stockpile of tuna. That's kind of a long slogan, might need to condense it somehow. I'm not sure how much protein (or any nutrients) is in the juices from a can of tuna, so the health of this drink is dubious, much like the taste. Now I'm thinking of dubious food from Breath of the Wild. 
Also, did you know that I have mouseovers on my comics? Sometimes they're funny, like the one today! To activate the mouseover, you put your mouse over the image. 

L: Why are there drained cans of tuna next to the SodaStream?!?
L3: Want a glass of carbonated protein?

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Multitude of North Stars

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Another comic on the meeting theme! So the North Star is aptly named because it can be used as a guide to head whichever direction since finding it shows you which way is north. If you have several North Stars, you are in confusion. Unless maybe they are used like Orion's Belt? Not sure what that belt is used for, but it's easy to find in the sky. I remember learning the constellations in elementary school and thinking what the heck were these ancient people seeing? How is the lopsided 'W' a queen of unrivaled beauty? But learning about the sky is kinda cool - to be able to navigate is helpful too. Going to a Dark Sky location is totally worth it to see the multitudes of stars - I went to one out West and it was amazing! 

A: So in this meeting, we will discuss these three topics - let's think of them as three North Stars.
B: We are so lost.
C: *confused*


Sunday, September 4, 2022

Pitchfork Presentation


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Sometimes you take your wins where you can. Unveiling a new project can get some backlash, especially if people have their own opinions (as most do) and communication isn't clear on all sides. I drew this comic in a business meeting then forgot about the comic until I found my notes several weeks later. But the important thing is I found the comic and digitalized it (could have done a side-by-side of the sketch and the digital except I threw away the notes after digitalizing so whoops). 

L: I think your presentation went well.
M: How so?
L: I didn't see anyone sharpening pitchforks.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Hot Honey

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So we were making a recipe and it called for hot honey, which was just honey mixed with some hot sauce, and I don't like spicy food (hurts my stomach) whereas my husband does like spicy food so we used to split what we were cooking into spicy vs unspicy and just make two portions in parallel but now with our little one we tend to just leave out the spicy since she eats what we eat and we don't want to traumatize her mouth. 


M: Next, add the hot honey.
L: I don't want my honey to be hot.
M: ... I'm insulted.
L2: *just vibing in her dad's arms*